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Arizona’s mean credit score is not one to brag about, ranked 41st in the nation, it might seem like homeownership is just a dream for many living in Arizona. The National average is 687, which is only 11 points higher than Arizona’s average. Below are three great options for prospective home buyers who have less the good credit.


  • USDA Loans, offer no down payment as well as a minimum credit score of 640. The only catch is that this program was designed to stimulate rural areas, so only homes outside of urban areas qualify for USDA loans.
  • State Bond Programs, offer free down payment assistance, to those who within a certain income limit, and the minimum credit score required is around 660. Although the down payment is not paid back, the borrowers do pay higher interest rates, set by the state.
  • FHA Loans, require a minimum credit score of 585, and 3.5 percent down payment for those with higher credit scores, and 10 percent down for those on the lowest end of the credit scores. the total mortgage payment is 31% of the total income, while the debt to income must be less than 43 percent of the total income.
If you have questions about mortgages or would like to speak to a trusted lender please contact me. I have a few wonderful lenders who can help you get your credit up, and on track to purchasing your next home.