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With Summer rapidly upon us, many homeowners are trying to catch the last wave of home sales before the summer heat and family vacations put a halt on home sales for a few months. Check out these great ways to improve your homes first impression remember,  ” You never get a second chance to make a first impression” -Will Roger
  • Economical landscaping: It might sound simple enough but keeping your yard weed free, lawn mowed, leaves raked, and all plants living is half the battle. If your yard is already up to code, you can add a few potted plant, flowers or an edible garden by the entry way. 
  • Investing in your outdoor space: Re-painting your curb house number so that it is clear and legible, and adding a solar powered lighted pathway are inexpensive was to catch a prospective buyer since many buyers have 8 am –  5 pm jobs, it’s more than likely they will be viewing your home in the evening.
  • Updating your Outdoor Space: One of the first things a buyer will look for in the back yard is privacy and security. Now is the time to install that new fence you have been think of, or maybe just a new color of paint, or wood sealer. The next thing buyers do when looking at a home is imagine themselves living in the home. Buy that new patio set for your “new” home now so that you can enjoy it now while using it to attract potential buyers.  There are lots of great landscapes locally that can help you add a decorative fountain or rock path. If you are the do it your type, check out these get DIY outdoor space ideas:
        • Pallet furniture is a new big thing, Pinterest has lots of great ideas and step by step projects.
        • Spray painting folding chairs is a great way to add a splash of color to your back yard. 
        • Creating a fun cool outdoor “kid zone” with an umbrella, water sprinklers, foam hopscotch, this list is way longer for fun kid DIY stuff. 
        • Use up leftover pallets, by making a wooden path, or walkway, to your pallet garden.
        • You can use cedar blocks to create a comfy outdoor bench, just add an outdoor cushion or two. 

If you are ready are ready to sell, just have questions or are looking to invest in a property please contact me I am here to help.