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What is one of the first most important steps to selling your home? I’ll give you one guess…. Here are a few hints, it gives you the seller a clear idea of what needs to be repaired prior to selling, as well as clearly lays out the property the buyer is about to purchase. A pre-listing home inspection is highly sought after with the market growing more and more competitive. Completing this step prior to listing the home will expedite the home sale while adding a level of confidence for all parties in the sale. Make sure your agent is there during the inspection, they know exactly which questions to ask, as well as guiding the seller in improving the home after the inspection. Having a pre-listing inspection builds a level of trust with the buyer, it instantly shows the potential buyers everything about the home, there are no secrets or hidden blemishes. The pre-listing inspection is a great marketing tool your agent can use to advertise and showcase your home. Lastly having a pre-listing inspection helps the sellers plan, while giving them time to get the home pristine prior to putting it on the market. If you are ready to start the selling process please contact me I would love to help you sell your home, I have trusted home inspectors as well as tried a true marketing plan to get your home sold quickly.