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Beware of quick-fix scams, there is no way to quickly repair your credit, there is, however, a way to gradually bring your credit score up. Below are a few ways to repair your credit.

  • Check your report, look for any errors and dispute them with the credit bureau.
  •  Pay Twice a month, if you use your credit card for everything and pay it off regularly, the credit company may be reporting that you’re at max utilization since your paying once a month and they report once a month to the credit bureau.
  • Schedule payment reminders, most financial institutions offer payment reminder texts and emails, as well as setting up a recurring Google calendar reminder.
  • Reduce the amount you own, and only utilize 30% of your credit example: your visa platinum card limit is $3,000 only use $1000 of that.
  • Pay your bills on time!
  • Know that paying off a collection account WILL NOT REMOVE IT! It’s there for 7 years.
  • If you are having trouble meeting your bills call your creditors, it will not rebuild your credit but it will set you on a course to rebuild. You can negotiate a payment schedule that best fits your budget.
  • Do not close unused credit cards.
  • Do not open a number of new credit cards that you don’t need, this could actually lower your credit score.
  • Mix up your credit, if you can meet the payment schedule, get that new couch on payments or take out a small personal loan from a credit union.

If you have questions on raising your credit so you can purchase your dream home, I have trusted lenders who can help you get started!