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If you are thinking about selling your home, now is defiantly the time. Below are 3 main things buyers are looking for during home searching, to help you speed up the process.
  • Curb Appeal, it’s your first impression on the world. Use your front yard to tell the world how wonderful your home is.  Make sure you have everything clean and visually appealing. Maybe add a few new potted plants, or added a lighted pathway with solar lights.
  • The biggest reason people buy homes is for more room, reduce the number of personal items in the home to the bare essentials. Staging the home allows the prospective buyers to picture themselves living in the home.
  • One of the first things home buyers are looking for is updates. There are many ways you can update your home without breaking the bank. Start by replacing the most outdated fixtures or furnishings.  You can add new shower curtains, matching towels, and bath mat to the bathroom. These are just for staging, so buy what you plan on putting in your new home.
Please feel free to contact me, I am always available to answer questions or help you start the selling, buying or investing process.