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Summer triple digit temps are upon us, check out these ways to keep Fido cool and comfy this summer.

  • Innovative ways: Misters across the patio benefits humans as well, a pan of ice with a fan blowing across it, kiddie pools, or wet towels.
  • Dogs cool off from the bottom up, a wet towel to lay on does wonders.
  • Keep your dog hydrated, if your walking or hiking have your dog carry his own water in a vest, it will help them stay cool while giving them a purpose. Don’t forget darker coats absorb more heat and always give your pup room temperature water.
  • It is close to 120 degrees these days, if you plan on taking your dog out in the day, make sure to use dog boots. Dogs’ pads start to damage on hot concrete at 80 degrees in the sun.  You can find a pair here.
Across the Valley, dog parks have water features so pack some towels and stay cool.