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    Arizona is known for its sun-filled summers, along with that sunshine comes dryness and an increase in heat. Do not let your home fall victim to a very preventable tragedy such as wildfires. Did you know in 2017 there have already been 17 lives lost here in Arizona due to home fires?  Below are great ways to protect your home from a spontaneous spark that could leave your home burnt up or worse.
  • Remove all dead brush, papers, dry lumber and anything else that could possibly act as a fire starter that is around your home. Many home fires ignite due to forest fires or nearby homes fire embers igniting flammable debris around nearby homes.
  • It is highly recommended that homes in fire-prone areas roofs be made out of non-combustible materials, like clay tile, asphalt shingles, concrete or metal tile, also make sure all access points are screened in like windows and skylights that open so that embers do not get into your home.
  • Maintaining your solar panels, and all electric outlets or sources is a must, electrical fires happen instantly and all it takes is a wire to short and spark, which can ignite your couch or any dry vegetation nearby.
  • Since porches and patios are made out of combustible material many homeowners are adding fire resistant sheeting around their homes and patios, it is visually pleasing and protects your home a true win-win.
Whether you live in a suburb or far away from any neighbors, we all are equally at risk of being victim to a fire, it only takes a few minutes to check your home for places that need to be protected. Not only does maintaining your lawn look great it is also fire resistant as long as it is 10 cm or less.  For more tips or information on how to protect you and your neighborhood check out these sites below.